Banana Bark Bangle

Banana Bark Bangle

Due to the color variations of the banana bark and the wrapping technique used, every bracelet is unique. Available as stack-of-3 or singles.

Inspired by the beauty of the Swahili Coast and the magnificent landscapes of East Africa, Mikuti merges the world of jewelry, fashion, and socially minded economic development. With a focus on sustainability, Mikuti creates jobs, forms partnerships, and supports existing workshops and employment chains in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Mikuti's principles include a firm commitment to paying fair wages, establishing long-term relationships with partners and suppliers, and harnessing local talent. The materials are sourced from a variety of organic, recycled, and local materials, including banana bark, recycled metals, textiles, beads, and repurposed ankole cow horn.

BY Mikuti /// NJ /// Tanzania

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