Partnership Opportunites

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While we are small, our impact is BIG! In the two years that SRC has been crisscrossing the USA we've made lasting connections, not only for ourselves, but for our vendors, makers, artists and sponsors. We've traveled through over 40 states popping up at over 70+ locations—those are just the locations we've had events! We've explored numerous shops, artists, studios and spaces meeting numerous more like-minded hardworking and creative people. We fully understand that not everyone can make the sort of physical journey we are doing at the moment, but we want to involve and connect as many people as we can. Therefore their is a ripe opportunity for you join us.


Our Spec Sheets

If you are interested in being a host venue, linked below are several spec sheets for the trailer other logistics. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at info[at]


Vendor Documents

Are you a designer or an artist looking for greater exposure? Small Room Collective is actively seeking to expand and connect. Currently we are not taking on any additional Wholesale accounts, but we are considering consignment products. If you are interested for us to consider your product and/or art please contact us at info[at] Linked below is our consignment agreement.