SRC is

Small Room Collective is a mobile mercantile & gallery space built in a gutted, hand-reconstructed 1963 Airstream Globetrotter, affectionately known as Bob Mapplethorpe Getaway Driver. We feature art, pressed vinyl, apparel and small goods from independent makers and shakers as well as vintage clothing and goods gathered on our travels across the U.S.

SRC loves small rooms because they constitute 1) A small representation of life, and our human commonalities. 2) An isolated space of singularly known beauty and memory. 3) A place to gather, sometimes with complete strangers, and feel at home.

Connecting a big world in small places. Small Room Collective curates small artistic movements. Our mail goes to Austin, TX, but we are through and through explorers, spending most our days on the road. Small Room Collective is a shop-by-day, home-by-night venture, and our initiative is to connect with the cities we travel through, the venues and movements we are greeted with, and the people we get to meet, just as much as it is about sharing and celebrating the artists we carry. Each year we seek to give back a portion of sales. During SXSW 2014, 10% of all sales went to Urban Roots Austin. A portion of all sales for 2013 went toward spreading Cancer awareness through love with the Pablove Foundation

If you are intrigued about being a host or partner with SRC please visit our "Opportunities" Page. If you are looking for more information about "pop-up" events, check out many of the blogs linked on our "Press" Page or this great article in the Independent about an event in Santa Barbara.

Are you a small retailer, independent designer or an artist looking for greater exposure? Small Room Collective is actively seeking to expand and connect. We currently are not taking on any additional WholeSale accounts at this time. If you are interested in consignment, please contact us at info[at]