A Constructive Misery: Miserable's Halloween Dream EP Reposted from (Lauren) GrandAbandon.com

7 Foldover [GDP-17-001]

Miserable’s Halloween Dream, the debut EP from San Francisco shoegaze outfit Whirr’s Kristina Esfandiari, delivers a gauzy liquid flowing within a contemplative musical framework. Its succulent griminess keeps our heads soupy, and we spin in the downtempo parade. The title track’s fuzzy-lipped current climbs like smoke on a lit wick under a glass-trapped haze. Punctuated drums usher in the cinema of hand-cracked guitar strings feeling their own distortion beneath Kristina Esfandiari’s imminent clouds, reminiscent of Sunny Day Real Estate’s perfect tension between groaningly dark cascades and rapturous climaxes. With “Bell Jar,” Esfandiari’s cloaked pout emits a powdery weight, the spookiest room in her Victoria-Legrand-esque husk, as drums pile to a steady clip. With a whoosh, the dust in the room shoots up, its bulbous opacity spreading. Amidst distant vocal screams, we stand motionless, daydreaming on the particulate matter and how beautiful it moves. In “Spinning,” we marvel as strummed lightness deposits in a breathtaking slow-motion drop covering all the delicate grains that make up the heaviness of Esfandiari’s air.

Halloween Dream BY Miserable, to be released February 18, 2014 on ultra clear 7″ vinyl with gold haze on The Native Sound