Maine Squeeze

Note: This blog post is about a year late.
Boy is Maine ever. Ever what? Ever. ything. Awesome.
That is all I can say. Go! I know we are! We are actually headed back there in a few months. See below for some of our Maine Squeezes, from our last trip through Maine.
Places we shopped:
Shop Folk
Getting jittery in Kittery(and York and Biddeford and Portsmouth) aka stuff we ate and drank:
Black Birch
Palace Diner
Union Lobster House
Some jams we heard:
Curt Oren
Rick Rude
Some art we saw:
Jocelyn Toffic
Chase’s Garage
Haigh & Martino
And also, here is a Lambchop song/video just because it's glorious. Love me some Lambchop.