The Grand Hand

Marlee Grace Hanson is somethin else. We got to nestle up in front of her sweet space Have Company in Grand Rapids, MI.
For a week at a time, Marlee hosts residencies for artists and makers and allows them to create in the space, host workshops, discuss their work and process via an awesome little podcast session she does, and grapple with new ideas. 
While we were there, we did a podcast too! Episode 3! Check it here.
She and her hubs John hosted the airstream in front of the shop for the weekend, and First Friday which coincided with Have Co's first anniversary. Marlee sent us off with a few of her sweet signature rope and yarn necklaces, and I even got to keep one for myself. I love it, not gonna take it off, you can’t make me! 
While we were there we also ventured to these great spots:
Parliament The Boutique