Desert Dreams

On our trek from LA to Tejas, we made a point to stop at one of our favorite desert oasii: Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs. This mid-century modern charmer holds a special place in our travelogue. Here’s why:

1. The unique feel. The Ace’s new-retro-saturated tone is a blend of mod, earthy, rock’n'roll, and bohemian.

2. The accessibility to the outdoors. This is no indoor hotel. You can touch the outdoors just by opening a door. The ivy-wrapped walls and outdoor walkways blend the buildings into the beauty of the hotel’s natural environment.

3. The details: fireplaces pepper the borders of the walkways, the kidney pool entices in popsicle blue against desert sun white, special art decorates each room, there is a cute leave-a-book-borrow-a-book library, and there are bicycles and scooters for rent!

4. Pet Friendly! Double bonus points from George.

5. Dining and bar options. King’s Highway is bright and cool, with windows splaying natural light over marble floors and upcycled diner-style seating. Selections are fresh and yummy–the menu glistens with lots of “local, organic and artisanal products.” The Amigo Room is equally cool, but in a more dimly ornate, candlelit, speakeasy sense. It’s the perfect place for a late night drink or to cozy-in after sun-soaking, to munch, drink and hang out.

4. The room comes equipped with a record player!

5. The raked sand. The harmonious lines add a simple touch of zen and natural, clean beauty to the space.

6. The sunshine adorns the space in a way that happy pheromones seem to seep out of its structures and make us happy too!

7. The events. From live music to movies to water aerobics to games to you-name-it. Always something going on.

8. The oft-friendly price. Check back frequently for deals and specials.

9. The rooms’ have cute, hand-picked mini-bars.

10. It’s tucked between mountains and palm trees. Sigh.

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Book a room at the Ace here (they have locations in Palm Springs, Portland, Seattle and New York City…AND Los Angeles!–set to open Fall 2013!)