Photo Booth: SRC x Blossom Vintage at Lord Windsor Roasters


My goodness, my guinness. This day was special. We got to hang with fellow Airstream shop Blossom Vintage, and turns out Blossom is factually run by one of the coolest gals on planet Earth. What a lovely human being! She slightly convinced us to consider moving to Long Beach once we finish the tour. Perhaps. Perhaps. Please don't forget to check out her lovely work here. Lord Windsor Roasters is a genuine hang-out, very community-oriented, in-and-out, doors-open sort of feel. They are so friendly there and just serve such tasty coffee. If you are in town, you should get ya'self over there, now. Also many thanks to Topo Chico and DRY Soda for providing savory beverages for a sunny afternoon in Long Beach. And thanks to new friends! Jamie, Luigi, Cat, Michael, Rodellee, Robby...Reunion soon?