April 28, 2013

April 24, 2013

April 24, 2013

April 21, 2013

Santa Barbara Write-up

Anacota Exchange: Pop-Up Shopping at the French Press
Santa Barbara Independent
If you’ve been longing for a shopping experience where you can see and touch one-of-kind, vintage, or handmade items — rather than browsing non-tactile sites like Etsy or eBay — you may want to consider “pop-up” shopping. [click here to read the full article]


April 20, 2013

Adventure 3: Phoenix

After driving nearly 24 hours over 2 days in the far right lane of I-10, we finally made it to Phoenix! And what a sight it was. We rolled in to The Lost Leaf just as the sun began to drop. The Lost Leaf nestles in the heart of Roosevelt Row Arts District in Phoenix. It's a neat little bar that features some pretty incredible music. We lived in Phoenix for a few months back in 2011 and were lucky enough to meet Joe Arvallo, known for his igniting laugh and incredibly easy going and good-natured spirit, he is one of the kindest people we know and continues to be a good friend. Joe works at The Lost Leaf and at one point came into the shop and pointed out the "Neighbor" poster by Beauchamping. He said if he could just point to that when asked about his philosophy of the world and say 'This.' then that would be enough. So great to be in good company:)

 Lost Leaf musician residents' and Phoenix locals Wooden Indian captivated a crowd in the intimate indoor cavernous stage. We had the pleasure of meeting and hearing live music from these fellows. Nicholas Villa of Nicholas Villa and Familiar Faces, Mike Little of Laser Beam Prayers, and Wally Boudway of Wooden Indian each played a session and they were beautiful and sparse. We will be posting the video from those soon + more photos, so stay tuned!

Nicholas Villa (Right)

We were also happy to have our friends from Topo Chico there with us. Everyone was really grateful for the deliciously cold bottles of sparkling mineral water. Yum!

Big thanks to Joe Arvallo, The Lost Leaf, Topo Chico, DRY Soda, Nicholas Villa, Mike Little, Wally Boudway, and Wooden Indian for making our time in Phoenix sweet, even though it was short.

Til we meet again.


March 25, 2013

Small Room Collective Launches at SXSW!

So sad to see you go again SXSW. How we love you! Small Room Collective kicked off our shoes at Charm School Vintage on March 16 with compadres CSV, Coco Coquette, Maison D’Etoile,and Riot Act Media.

Nathan of Riot Act put together a stellar line-up which included Social Studies(Natalia Rogovin’s Beach House-esque steel-mit butter chops over lanceted drums, tenderly-felt electric guitar pardonings and spare electronica), Brass Bed(delicious, never-stop-spooning folkily embellished garage potatoes), Jess Williamson and Callie Hernandez(every line feels like something–maybe a tiny knife turning in your heart?–with this beauty meets broodiness duo, and Williamson–this lady is a lyricist), Renny Wilson(this man can dance!), The Pharmacy(fuzzy melodies with garagey loveability + super cool dudes from Seattle), Dana Falconberry(With comparisons to Joanna Newsom, but somehow beyond them. She never ceases to amaze with her ability to connect AND transcend. What a gorgeous and honest talent), Matt Bauer, and Mirror Travel.

Thank you to our friends from Topo Chico who provided fountains of fresh bubbly mineral water and Dulce Vida Tequila and PBR provided happy-time libations. Tacos happened there too–from the glorious big yellow food truck–the utterly huggable Fork In The Road from Palestine, Texas. Old-soul talent Ben Aleshire composed on-the-spot poetry from his typewriter. And we sat out front in the Small Room Collective silver bullet pop-up shop accompanied by fashion soldier and fellow nomad heart Meghan of AFIA! Plus sweetheart Devaki Knowles of Fun Loving Photos snapped the day, check out her photos here! And many many, too many, so many, lots and lots, a million b'jillion, y mas special thanks to ModCloth, Darling Magazine, and Beauchamping for super sweet gifts for the party! We heart you all!

Dana Falconberry. Photo by funlovingphotos.com

Dana Falconberry. Photo by funlovingphotos.com

Check out the electric color wave radiating from the AFIA rack! Photo by funlovingphotos.com

February 16, 2013

Airstream or Bust

Just a few months ago, we were deciding what kind of trailer to get for Small Room Collective. The deal was it had to be lightweight, preferably under 20′ and have some sort of innate charm to it. After debating between Crickets, canned hams, Airstreams, Spartans, Boles Aeros and many more we finally decided to go with an Airstream. Then the even harder task happened– the task of actually finding one that fit our criteria. They go fast and hard; it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there in the vintage Airstream-buying business. Travis finally found a 1963 Airstream Globetrotter on Ebay, after months of scouring Craigslist, Ebay, a daily morning ritual checking Airstream Classifieds, scoping out junkyards and farms as we passed on our drive from LA to Texas, and just talking with anyone and everyone who could possibly have a lead to our own coveted silver bullet Airstream(or as my Dad says, Air-dime) mobile.

Now, it’s on its way from a currently freezing and snowy part of Washington State. We can’t wait to see it in person, and to start building it out. Lots of dreams happening in our brains! Ay Ay Ay!

January 19, 2013

Desert Dreams

On our trek from LA to Tejas, we made a point to stop at one of our favorite desert oasii: Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs. This mid-century modern charmer holds a special place in our travelogue. Here’s why:

1. The unique feel. The Ace’s new-retro-saturated tone is a blend of mod, earthy, rock’n'roll, and bohemian.

2. The accessibility to the outdoors. This is no indoor hotel. You can touch the outdoors just by opening a door. The ivy-wrapped walls and outdoor walkways blend the buildings into the beauty of the hotel’s natural environment.

3. The details: fireplaces pepper the borders of the walkways, the kidney pool entices in popsicle blue against desert sun white, special art decorates each room, there is a cute leave-a-book-borrow-a-book library, and there are bicycles and scooters for rent!

4. Pet Friendly! Double bonus points from George.

5. Dining and bar options. King’s Highway is bright and cool, with windows splaying natural light over marble floors and upcycled diner-style seating. Selections are fresh and yummy–the menu glistens with lots of “local, organic and artisanal products.” The Amigo Room is equally cool, but in a more dimly ornate, candlelit, speakeasy sense. It’s the perfect place for a late night drink or to cozy-in after sun-soaking, to munch, drink and hang out.

4. The room comes equipped with a record player!

5. The raked sand. The harmonious lines add a simple touch of zen and natural, clean beauty to the space.

6. The sunshine adorns the space in a way that happy pheromones seem to seep out of its structures and make us happy too!

7. The events. From live music to movies to water aerobics to games to you-name-it. Always something going on.

8. The oft-friendly price. Check back frequently for deals and specials.

9. The rooms’ have cute, hand-picked mini-bars.

10. It’s tucked between mountains and palm trees. Sigh.

Check out Grand Abandon’s Clap Your Hands Lookbook at grandabandon.com featuring The Ace Hotel & Swim Club.

Book a room at the Ace here (they have locations in Palm Springs, Portland, Seattle and New York City…AND Los Angeles!–set to open Fall 2013!)

December 31, 2012

Tour Dates Coming Soon!

We're going this way...

November 18, 2012

Yann Tiersen SKYLINE

Yann Tiersen’s immensely layered and intensely melodic offering Skyline is making us very happy. It is GLORIOUS.

“Monuments” is the first single from Yann Tiersen Skyline. Song taken from www.yanntiersen.fr/ Enjoy and find more Yann Tiersen here