Narrangansett. More than just a cheap Rhode Island beer


I'll have a Nagasaget, please.

A what?

A Nasagarret.


The cheapest beer you have.

Oh a 'Gansett.


Oh, yes. Narragansett—one of the hardest-to-pronounce cheap beers I've come across in our ventures across the nation. Its just as wonderfully watery, sluggable, and cheap (if not cheaper) as any Pearl (TX), Olympia (WA), or PBR (WI). But these tall boys, as I've only found 16 oz cans, have grown on me. I like the challenge of trying to pronounce it. Some neat facts:

  1. Narragansett is a beautiful beach town in Rhode Island, the gateway to Rhode Island beaches—I think I read that somewhere.
  2. Narragansett is also a Native American Tribe.
  3. Narragansett is the official beer of clam, with directions for a proper clam bake on back.
  4. Narragansett no longer brewed in the Ocean State and is canned in Rochester, NY—not abnormal, as I've found most historically regional cheap beers have gone through numerous ownerships and no longer brewed in their beloved origin.
  5. They make a sweet Summer Shandy with Del's Lemonade, a favorite regional lemonade.