Small Room Cities - Providence, RI

Oh Providence, you are a cool little city.

Thursday night we arrived, excitement and energy of a new, unfamiliar city headed by the spirit & welcome of The Dean, and we hopped around. Flan y Ajo--too-good Spanish tapas, ate gambas simmered in olive oil and garlic and simple, perfect olives--pop in your mouth wonders. This BYOB spot was casual yet purposed, and the new Union Wine in a can was even at the wine market next door! The Eddy was great, with a delicious, surprising house punch for only 6 bucks and smoked salmon bruschetta for the same. Friday was the fourth and rain. Julian's was a must-do that we didn't do, because it was the only place open on 4th of July for lunch and there was a giant line. So, good for them, and our loss, for sure. We went to The Phoenix instead and ate egg drop soup and had $5 Mai Tai's with little umbrellas and cross-booth conversed with nice folks from Pawtucket. They also offered us the location of their keys to their mountain house in upstate NY. So there was that, and that was a pretty unexpected, generous offering from a total stranger. But friends are made pretty easy, I suppose when stories are shared. Still, no less generous and surprising.

The downpour happened, and we were on foot, so we took our trusty back-up plan, our constellation prize, the glory that is UBER. What an app. And I don't speak much of apps. Either type for that matter. But this is one app, I shall speak of. Good for when you're in a pickle, or good for when you're just feeling a bit loafy, or good for when it's just a l-eee-tle too far. AS220 was Saturday--had a yummy veg-friendly menu with a lovely kale salad--like a beacon of hope when you have been eating too many french fries too many meals in a row. We were also stoked to meet AS220 superfolks April & Rich of Ape & Bird as well as Devan of Providence Polaroid Project.

Also--woah--there are gondolas, cobblestone roads and pretty, scenic walks saturating Providence. Sad we missed out on the free Sunday at the RISD museum

On Sunday, Bryan(Bolt Coffee), our new friend and coffee supplier and all-around super kind person, even couriered us sandwiches from Geoff's, and we had a great little picnic at The Dean. Which I will speak of later. These guys are incredible. We were happy to see Bryan and Rachel, again in Narrangansett(or nagasacket, whichever you prefer) on the beach for Food Truck Monday. We ate warm lobster and scallop rolls and dipped our toes in the Ocean State's cold water as the sun was drifting down. Purty pretty.