Kentucky, KY

Hiya. We have decided it is time. To blog the jordache jeans out of this blog. We are working on backlogging our blog, so please bear with the untimely posts on this new and improved blog. Hashtag #laterblog.

So. Back in April we drove from Denver to Louisville in a day and a half. Far! And silly. Chasin storms and tornadoes. Wacky. We were never happier to see a city, then when we arrived in Lousiville. And man o war, what a cool town!

Melissa and Dude, the caretakers of Farmington were awesome folks and amazing hosts, and they even had us over to hang out with their family and close friends at their Saturday Derby party. We had mint juleps and played a game with the little plastic horses and you each choose a color of the guy you think will win, Desktop Derby. We did other things, but that was a definite highlight. We got really into that. Good times. Diane of Farmington & Josh and the Original Makers Club crew put on two great parties during Derby week, Bulleit Bourbon and Union Wine Co killed it in the beverage department and we had some amazing food too, where different restaurants in town created a unique recipe using pimiento cheese. I wasn't a huge fan of pimiento cheese before, except of course saying it & pronouncing the silent "i" but "i" was made a believer. In pim-ee-ento. Garden & Gun was there in full swing too! We also popped-up at Garage Bar(a very cool converted garage that is now a bar/restaurant) and met sweetheart Carrie, friends of friends Dan and Marlene of Malimish Airstream, who then later showed us around old Louisville, which is awesome.

We even made a quick jaunt to Lexington and popped-up at County Club one of the most stellar restaurants, easily, that we've been to on our travels--still dreaming about it. Johnny can do no wrong. While we were there, we had the pleasure of meeting the forces behind the rad KY for KY. There we also met the great Kate and Ellen and Adelaide(now they are fellow airstreamers!), and Kate took some pretty sweet photos of the airstream and us. Thank you Darling!


Photo by Kate Sands.


Original Makers Club


Please & Thank You

Old Louisville(for strolling around, beautiful old houses, lantern lit parks, your neighborhood corner dive Magnolia "Mag" Bar and Pizza Donisi)

Garage Bar

Doc Crow's


County Club

Kentucky for Kentucky