Living Riveted Often Requires More Rivets

While in Grand Rapids, MI we had the great pleasure of meeting David Winick, builder of the limited edition 75th anniversary Bambi. He also wrote "Airstreams: Custom Interiors" which just so happened to arrive when Bob Mapplethorpe made his journey to us in January 2013. This book really offered some ideas of how many different approaches there are to customizing an Airstream. There are a couple early 60's in the book which allowed me to see some of the original or custom aspects that ours lacked when it arrived since it was gutted beforehand.

David just so happens to live in town and serendipitously walked by the trailer during the art walk were able to join in with Have Company. He noticed we were missing some rivets (which popped out in the D.C. area this year) and offered to pop some in for us. Monday afternoon, we found ourselves parked outside David's Vintage Trailer workshop,, popping rivets in the Globetrotter. It was such a surreal experience to have such an expert offer to help us out and invite us over. And thus far, we haven't lost any more rivets! Thanks David!