Hahlo, Mountains. Hahlo, Denver.

They do exist! After thousands of miles on desolate flatlands in the middle of the middle of US of A, we see the return of escalation upon elevation--crests and caps, peaks and trees--tall tall tall trees, ones with needles and pine cones--on MOUNTAINS! It's good to see you Denver. Don't get us wrong--we enjoyed our trek through the Midwest, but we certainly do love the sight of a little bit of terrain variation. So here we are.

We kicked things off with Denver Passport's Pop-Up at Our Mutual Friend Brew & Malt AND finally we met (in the flesh) our long distance pals Jaimee and Adam of Coast to Coast Vintage! Oh, how great these two are. Refreshingly honest and passionate & fun to just hang out with and chat about life on the road, travel hazards, and a subtle sense of homelessness. Thanks guys. And, Tigg, we wish we could've met you. I'm pretty sure, George might've met his match in you.

We also were surrounded by some other awesome folks and lovely works including Hazel and Dewey and IndyInk.

We were at Horseshoe Market on Saturday thanks to Lindsey of Clean Getaway Soap Co., who introduced us to the market!

And then on Sunday, we were back again at OMF, this time with Brick & Mortar, Coast to Coast, La Lovely Vintage, and Warby Parker Class Trip.

We set up out front of the lovely SEWN for UMS the following weekend.

Stay tuned for more photos from this week and weekend--still in Denver until Monday. Then, we are off to Boise!