Denver Round 2!

While parked outside of SEWN for UMS, we had the opportunity to chat with some really neat movers and shakers in Denver including the rad folks of neighboring Broadway businesses Steadbrook and of Buffalo Exchange and Fancy Tiger. We were also able to collaborate with fellow DRY Soda groupies and cross-country peddlers Warby Parker Class Trip for a fun day on their temporary plot in Denver at 16th and Wazee and then again for the Going Steady Cocktail Social at Steadbrook featuring proudly crafted cocktails by SRC's own Travis(of course, George had the final say with his insistent straw taste test of each individual cocktail before it was served--that guy is par-tic-uuu-lar!) We served up fresh tastes from Tito's Handmade Vodka, DRY Soda, and Topo Chico Mineral Water--yum!

We spent the day at Crema Coffee House on Larimer with Brick and Mortar General Store. Love these guys! Highly recommended. Good times.

Then we were back on Broadway on Sunday for a pop-up at Buffalo Exchange + Fancy Tiger and more slow and steady sip-and-browse cocktails from Tito's + DRY + Topo Chico. Yes.