The Dean, Providence, RI

The Dean teaches, I mean TEACHES, on how to mix beautiful modern, clean lines with a sparkle and a cozy, well-kept nostalgia.

Modern and stark, yet quirky and personable with an exacting punch of fun. The word on the street is that it is a transformation for the ages--the building used to be called The Sportsmen, with er, a bit of a seedy past. The only sport being had there now is classiness. For real, this spot is a gem--amazing design, warm vibes, and straight-up cool. Go there, and if you don't have plans to do it, make them to do so. Bolt Coffee sits nestled in the lobby of The Dean and served up aromas and sips of super rich, meaty, hot coffee. With the friendliest, most down-to-earth crew probably that has ever existed in a coffee shop. Delicious and good! We were brain-buzzed and out the door ready to go. A paper-sack of everything pretzel bagels went with us. Nom nom.

Faust served up salty, crunchy fries and German beers and Magdalenae Room slung killer cocktails in a dim speakeasy. If you want to dig up your ghosts of 7th grade talent shows past, then The Boombox has your back. Go there to sing your heart out. Every type of person from every walk of life in a little tiny room, just going for it, with everything they have, and it is seriously amazing.

In all, we were at The Dean Hotel for 3 days and 4 nights and we loved every minute. Who knew you could meet so many great folks in a single spot?

Some of them even documented on their blogs: Winter Moon & Jen's Dish! Hope to see you again, real soon Providence.

Photo by Winter Moon Blog.