July 08, 2014

Small Room Cities - Providence, RI

Oh Providence, you are a cool little city.

Thursday night we arrived, excitement and energy of a new, unfamiliar city headed by the spirit & welcome of The Dean, and we hopped around. Flan y Ajo--too-good Spanish tapas, ate gambas simmered in olive oil and garlic and simple, perfect olives--pop in your mouth wonders. This BYOB spot was casual yet purposed, and the new Union Wine in a can was even at the wine market next door! The Eddy was great, with a delicious, surprising house punch for only 6 bucks and smoked salmon bruschetta for the same. Friday was the fourth and rain. Julian's was a must-do that we didn't do, because it was the only place open on 4th of July for lunch and there was a giant line. So, good for them, and our loss, for sure. We went to The Phoenix instead and ate egg drop soup and had $5 Mai Tai's with little umbrellas and cross-booth conversed with nice folks from Pawtucket. They also offered us the location of their keys to their mountain house in upstate NY. So there was that, and that was a pretty unexpected, generous offering from a total stranger. But friends are made pretty easy, I suppose when stories are shared. Still, no less generous and surprising.

The downpour happened, and we were on foot, so we took our trusty back-up plan, our constellation prize, the glory that is UBER. What an app. And I don't speak much of apps. Either type for that matter. But this is one app, I shall speak of. Good for when you're in a pickle, or good for when you're just feeling a bit loafy, or good for when it's just a l-eee-tle too far. AS220 was Saturday--had a yummy veg-friendly menu with a lovely kale salad--like a beacon of hope when you have been eating too many french fries too many meals in a row. We were also stoked to meet AS220 superfolks April & Rich of Ape & Bird as well as Devan of Providence Polaroid Project.

Also--woah--there are gondolas, cobblestone roads and pretty, scenic walks saturating Providence. Sad we missed out on the free Sunday at the RISD museum

On Sunday, Bryan(Bolt Coffee), our new friend and coffee supplier and all-around super kind person, even couriered us sandwiches from Geoff's, and we had a great little picnic at The Dean. Which I will speak of later. These guys are incredible. We were happy to see Bryan and Rachel, again in Narrangansett(or nagasacket, whichever you prefer) on the beach for Food Truck Monday. We ate warm lobster and scallop rolls and dipped our toes in the Ocean State's cold water as the sun was drifting down. Purty pretty. 

July 07, 2014

Narrangansett. More than just a cheap Rhode Island beer


I'll have a Nagasaget, please.

A what?

A Nasagarret.


The cheapest beer you have.

Oh a 'Gansett.


Oh, yes. Narragansett—one of the hardest-to-pronounce cheap beers I've come across in our ventures across the nation. Its just as wonderfully watery, sluggable, and cheap (if not cheaper) as any Pearl (TX), Olympia (WA), or PBR (WI). But these tall boys, as I've only found 16 oz cans, have grown on me. I like the challenge of trying to pronounce it. Some neat facts:

  1. Narragansett is a beautiful beach town in Rhode Island, the gateway to Rhode Island beaches—I think I read that somewhere.
  2. Narragansett is also a Native American Tribe.
  3. Narragansett is the official beer of clam, with directions for a proper clam bake on back.
  4. Narragansett no longer brewed in the Ocean State and is canned in Rochester, NY—not abnormal, as I've found most historically regional cheap beers have gone through numerous ownerships and no longer brewed in their beloved origin.
  5. They make a sweet Summer Shandy with Del's Lemonade, a favorite regional lemonade.
May 28, 2014

Moto Moda.

But Lord I ask you
To be my guiding force and truth

For some strange reason it had to be
He guided me to Tennessee

-Tennessee, Arrested Development (1992)

That song really has nothing to do with Moto Moda, other than that we were guided to Nashville, Tennessee where Moto Moda parks most of the time. For the most part, I did the driving there from Chi City. It wasn't a bad drive.

February 24, 2014

A Constructive Misery: Miserable's Halloween Dream EP Reposted from (Lauren) GrandAbandon.com

7 Foldover [GDP-17-001]

Miserable’s Halloween Dream, the debut EP from San Francisco shoegaze outfit Whirr’s Kristina Esfandiari, delivers a gauzy liquid flowing within a contemplative musical framework. Its succulent griminess keeps our heads soupy, and we spin in the downtempo parade. The title track’s fuzzy-lipped current climbs like smoke on a lit wick under a glass-trapped haze. Punctuated drums usher in the cinema of hand-cracked guitar strings feeling their own distortion beneath Kristina Esfandiari’s imminent clouds, reminiscent of Sunny Day Real Estate’s perfect tension between groaningly dark cascades and rapturous climaxes. With “Bell Jar,” Esfandiari’s cloaked pout emits a powdery weight, the spookiest room in her Victoria-Legrand-esque husk, as drums pile to a steady clip. With a whoosh, the dust in the room shoots up, its bulbous opacity spreading. Amidst distant vocal screams, we stand motionless, daydreaming on the particulate matter and how beautiful it moves. In “Spinning,” we marvel as strummed lightness deposits in a breathtaking slow-motion drop covering all the delicate grains that make up the heaviness of Esfandiari’s air.

Halloween Dream BY Miserable, to be released February 18, 2014 on ultra clear 7″ vinyl with gold haze on The Native Sound

February 05, 2014

Rooms With Walls And Windows by Julie Byrne - Reposted Blog from (Lauren) GrandAbandon.com

Rooms With Walls And Windows by Julie Byrne

Released January 21, 2014 on Orindal Records


Julie Byrne’s deput LP, Rooms With Walls And Windows, a record delicately hinged almost solely to Byrne’s palpable voice and unfettered plucking, stirs with a sonic lushness that spills casually and unapologetically through her acoustical confines. It’s Byrne’s dynamic and staring solitude on top of her glancing whimsy, that creates a haunting folk all her own; one cannot listen it away.

The album’s opener, “Wisdom Teeth Song” meanders with jet-lag ambivalence through pillowy hums, like paper on plucked drops of water, and tapestried strums distort and reach out and connect to one another, spilling onto pathways of musical narrative. Upon the album’s opening, Byrne’s presence is enchanting, but aloof. Not a moment later, the face-out discourse of “Young Wife,” in which Byrne’s careful friendship with her page-turned guitar strings beckons the listener, asks our hand to dance and leads Byrne’s mystery close. Her fingers cut small, staying sparks off the fire into the air, and our faces glow. The fire just builds from there, swaddling the listener in a neck-breathe blaze. In Byrne’s spare Rooms With Walls And Windows, she seemingly lingers in a vast world. Her ability to emit so much flame, given the simplicity of her songwriting tinder, astounds.

“Attached To Us Like Butcher Paper” clings with a feverish desperation amidst Byrne’s delicately windblown affect. Byrne cries softly, “And we’ll have toast and warm fried egg, and the bad feelings will have all gone away.” And her voice cracks and tests the time. She conducts a moving vocal orchestra, sprawled and elaborately building, with the word, ‘Honeybee.’ Byrne proclaims,“I’ll be all the medicine you need.” And as Rooms proceeds, we are sure of that very thing, for Byrne’s power lies in her unflustered rapport. We are like quick patients slowly falling in love with the balm of our caretaker.

Byrne’s mere Rooms are entrances into an unruled pasture equally equipped for the rest of the weary and the untapped awakenings of the wanderer. While “Piano Music” sends us searching, “Emeralds” leads us home. It’s a complex print that Byrne has put her finger on, a combination between longing and finding, and it is all her own.

We get the sense that Byrne is telling these stories as she goes, which needle-laces Rooms With Walls And Windows with a ripe sincerity. They are songs undone and finished all at once. We are not the only active listener; Byrne is too, even as she sings, she is sensing, understanding, present. And it’s her adherence to the beauty and sadness of such raw intimacy, whether strummed or sung, that keeps us there. “Vertical Ray” echoes with weary-hearted grandeur. Byrne’s timbre spreads into an expansive lull, like a forest of trees falling one at a time. With “Keep On Raging,” Byrne steps knowingly, deliberating the stranded sound of a desolate ocean being reminded of its strength, a sort of primal lullaby for the battled.

In the warm, loping glow of “Prism Song,” Byrne sings, “If you were the shades of colors my eyes could not see…I never would have known what you could have meant to me.” With Rooms With Walls And Windows, we find ourselves gasping through our ears to hear its simple, extraordinary colors, and with the strange feeling that we might have just chanced upon it

October 01, 2013

Winston's Lair Seattle

Hey, hey! Check out the Gallowbird live trailer session recorded in the airstream at Winston's Lair by Vertigo Productions. Featuring Gallowbird's "Americana meets dark ambient pop" music, the live session is available as a download here. All proceeds from the purchase of the special live recording "Peroration for a Ghost Town" go to Pablove Foundation! Your purchase helps support independent music and the fight against childhood cancer.

Thanks to all who came to the Gallowbird listening party and to our sponsors DRY, Topo Chico, and Tito's Handmade Vodka.

September 09, 2013

September 05, 2013


We had a blast hanging out with fellow Airstreamers at Alumafandango! As you can see Travis had his bartending skills put to the test. Thanks for welcoming us. Thanks to Tito's Handmade Vodka, Topo Chico Mineral Water, and DRY Soda for the happy hour provisions for the week. Cheers~

September 04, 2013


Boise, we feel, is somewhat of a hidden gem. Not only is it beautiful, but it's a hotbed for creativity and community. Boise's own Treefort, Duck Club, and Barn Owl Records offer a fresh perspective in the music and art world and the collaborations therein.

We had the pleasure of convening with another celebrated voice in Boise culture--The Modern Hotel. We paired up for Modern Music at the Modern Hotel to kick-off August--and celebrate 5 months on the road! We loved our time at the Modern. Thanks to all the sweet folks at the Modern and to Topo Chico, DRY Soda and all the Boise-ites that came out.

July 29, 2013

Denver Round 2!

While parked outside of SEWN for UMS, we had the opportunity to chat with some really neat movers and shakers in Denver including the rad folks of neighboring Broadway businesses Steadbrook and of Buffalo Exchange and Fancy Tiger. We were also able to collaborate with fellow DRY Soda groupies and cross-country peddlers Warby Parker Class Trip for a fun day on their temporary plot in Denver at 16th and Wazee and then again for the Going Steady Cocktail Social at Steadbrook featuring proudly crafted cocktails by SRC's own Travis(of course, George had the final say with his insistent straw taste test of each individual cocktail before it was served--that guy is par-tic-uuu-lar!) We served up fresh tastes from Tito's Handmade Vodka, DRY Soda, and Topo Chico Mineral Water--yum!

We spent the day at Crema Coffee House on Larimer with Brick and Mortar General Store. Love these guys! Highly recommended. Good times.

Then we were back on Broadway on Sunday for a pop-up at Buffalo Exchange + Fancy Tiger and more slow and steady sip-and-browse cocktails from Tito's + DRY + Topo Chico. Yes.